Any father-to-be will ponder what he wants to teach his child, what values he wants to instill, and how he will spend his time with his child. By the time his child is born a dad may already have a certain scenario fixed in his mind. These preconceived notions will con...

Once a child is diagnosed, parents are unexpectedly caught up in an emotional whirlwind full of disappointment, denial, anger and grief as well as trying to identify how best to approach their child’s diagnosis. Many don’t notice at first but eventually they realize th...

Despite the increase of professionals in the autism arena there still remains a shortage of experts. Some parents WAIT too many weeks and precious months, maybe even years, to have their child evaluated and services started. At this point most parents feel powerless bu...

Cuddles and hugs are great and most parents anticipate a reciprocal response to their physical displays of affection but if that is all you seek you can set yourself up for constant disappointment.

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