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Private Coaching

Each private Parent Coaching session comes with:

  • Special E-mail access to me

  • Summaries for your records

  • Resources/articles as needed


All coaching is confidential!

Private coaching is a bigger commitment. It’s for the proactive parent that desires to move to the next level.

Go beyond resolving your child's immediate issues. 

Discover the skills necessary to 'SPARK' long-term change

that will create more meaningful outcomes!

Private parent coaching

Private coaching options/packages:


One Coaching Session*: One 60-minute consult session via phone/Skype, includes one follow-up email - $40


Three (3) Session Package*: 60-minute coaching sessions via phone/Skype, to be used within six (6) months of purchase - $100


Six (6) Session Package*: 60-minute coaching sessions via phone/Skype, to be used within nine (9) months of purchase - $180


Twelve (12) Session Package*: 60-minute coaching sessions via phone/Skype, to be used within twelve (12) months of purchase - $300

* Sessions also available in person at my location in Sarasota, FL (October to May) or Saco, ME  (June to September)  OR in the convenience of your own home within a 15-mile radius of my location (add $5 for travel).

Click here to begin your journey and become another satisfied customer! 

Before contacting Connie I felt frustrated by how I was parenting, desperate for different dynamics between my daughter and I, exhausted by our daily struggles.  I desperately wanted to be the mom I had envisioned but found myself instead dreading to leave the house, afraid of the inevitable chaos and struggle that would face with my daughter, instead. 

After working with Connie, I am now much closer to being the mom I want to be.  Connie instantly gave me tools to assess what my daughter needed to successfully thrive in her world and ideas for me to provide that environment for her.  She was able to assess our situation through asking questions and give powerful, useful suggestions to improve how I parent. Change began almost instantly in our household and our home is a more joyful place.  Connie helped me to understand my daughter is a highly visual learner and listener and shared concrete methods to help me guide her through visual cues. Connie provided detailed notes of our sessions adding links to relevant articles and very helpful Internet sites.  Connie shared an abundant amount of insight and guidance that positively transformed my understanding of who my daughter is and what she needs in her mom. 

Connie renewed my parenting techniques and I feel more confident in who I am as a mom and in understanding my daughter.  My family and friends have commented on the positive change they witness.  I am very grateful for the gift of transformation Connie shared with me.  I love my daughter more than I can express but now I feel I am becoming the mom she so deserves thanks to Connie.


You made a profound change in our lives and I'm so very, very grateful.


Mom to Lila

Portland, Maine

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