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Back-to-school Prep for Your ASD Child

Children on the autism spectrum need ample time to transition to new routines and returning to school is one of them. Is your child fully prepared for the upcoming school year? In addition to shopping for clothes and school supplies it is extremely important that children with autism are prepared in other ways as well.

What are you doing to prepare your child cognitively, mentally, emotionally and socially for school?

- To prepare your child cognitively you want to make sure your child continues to sharpen his reading skills throughout the summer. You may want to increase your trips to the library to keep his mind fresh and ready to learn.

- To prepare your child mentally it is important to put the date when school will start on the family calendar. You may want to consider conducting an informal family meeting to get everyone in the mindset of an upcoming change in routine.

- To prepare your child emotionally ask your daughter to express her worries and concerns about school. If she has difficulty communicating and expressing her self you need to do some good detective work and anticipate what her anxieties might be.

- To prepare your child socially invite old or new classmates that may have moved into the school system so your child can get to know them better and practice his social graces. Helping him rehearse back to school conversation starters and social skills is always a big help.

All in all, there are many things you can do as a parent to fully prepare your child and reduce the risk of tantrum-like behaviors or emotional meltdowns when school time rolls around. For more information and expert guidance about covering all the bases for achieving a back-to-school peace of mind that is priceless click here.


For more strategies to make school a more positive experience for your child go here to learn more about the book AUTISM PARENTING: Practical Strategies for a Positive School Experience – Over 300 tips for parents to enhance their child’s school success. Access over 300 tactics to make your child's school year the best ever!

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