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Managing Alien Behaviors

Halloween is a thing of the past despite the candy stash that your child may still be whittling down. Or is it? Trick or Treating can have alien effects on children long after the costumes are put away and the Jack-o-Lanterns are blown out. My son’s dog dressed as an alien this Halloween. Her sensory sensitive eyes are still glowing from too much excitement. Your child may not look alien to you anymore without the costume but is her behavior still that of someone from another world?

If your child is still being haunted by the excitement of the recent holiday, you may be asking yourself what you could have done to minimize this. The gift of time will eventually bring calm back to your child but what about the upcoming holidays.

Tis' the holiday season and even though October 31st is behind you there are many more festive days yet to come. Some of these soon-to-be celebrations last more than a day so what can a parent do to reduce the potential for overstimulation and the fall out that comes with it?

When you add the decorations, the hype, the holiday TV specials, the parties, the holiday outfits, the visits, the food and the routines, which is anything but ordinary, any child can experience some negative results. But sensory overload and emotional meltdowns can be prevented when you plan ahead.

Yes we all want to experience a truly peaceful and joyous holiday but the ideal “picture perfect” image presented to us in film and print is often too unrealistic for us to fully achieve, especially if we do nothing but expect that it will happen. So I invite you to take action now in creating a holiday season that will address the needs of your child.

In my passion for helping parents, especially those of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, I have published a new ebook, AUTISM PARENTING: How to Have a Happy Holiday with Your Child on the Spectrum. Here you can discover tips and strategies that will help create an autism-friendly, sensory-friendly atmosphere to reduce stress for all. Actually, these strategies will work for any child, any family. Regardless of the holiday you are celebrating in your household this December I offer you this resource with my sincere blessings for the peaceful holiday season you dream of. Click here to access it on Amazon.

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