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Can you prevent having a child with a developmental delay?

This is a loaded question and one that recently came from the lips of a coaching client of mine who has one child with autism and now wants to reduce her risk of having another child on the spectrum. “What can I do? she asked.

There ARE many proactive steps a person can take to reduce their risk of having a child with a developmental delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, learning disability, or sensory issue. It IS possible to increase the probability that the brain, nervous system, and body of an unborn child functions optimally.

I applaud this mom. She’s very smart to give less importance to what the nursery will look like and pay more attention to her future baby’s first home – the womb. Unfortunately, there are many things that can negatively impact a child’s development from pre-conception to birth.

Did you know that the average newborn is born with an average of 287 chemicals in their umbilical cord blood according to a 2005 study by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) - and that was twelve years ago!

In addition to already being assaulted before birth, newborn babies are more vulnerable to toxic attacks because the blood brain barrier is not yet mature enough to keep all noxious intruders out.

It’s very prudent for all human beings to minimize exposure to air pollution, pesticides, heavy metals, plastics, flame retardants, cosmetics and household cleaners - to name a few - especially a woman who is thinking about getting pregnant. And now there’s an increase in a certain type of toxic exposure that most people don’t even consider. That’s why I alert all potential parents to Wi-Fi EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Fields).

Everything on this earth emits an EMF – it’s part of life. The human body was created with very specific electromagnetic frequencies. In addition to that, everything man made, such as electronic technology, has an electromagnetic field.

If you want your body to maintain a healthy EMF system you need to keep it in balance by being careful not to expose yourself to too many frequencies that can undermine it. And in today’s world human beings are acquiring too many man-made EMF’s that have the capacity to do just that. Once healthy frequencies are altered the stage is set for a journey towards numerous disease states.

Man-made EMF’s are prevalent in our environment and more are being added with most new technological advances that use Wi-Fi. To find out exactly where they are lurking in your home and how to protect yourself click here.

Much controversy exists about EMF’s because there is very little research that is conclusive about their damaging effects. There is one recent study from a reputable source that recently came to my attention that confirms how shielding your body against EMF’s can improve autoimmune disease.

There are many wireless devices available to make life easier and more convenient for parents in this day and age. In addition to cell phones and computers, there are Smart TV’s, cordless phones, routers, modems, Smart meters, printers, microwaves, wireless reading devices, remote control devices, home security systems, Smart home devices such as Alexa, and baby monitors, all of which emit EMF’s.

What can you do to protect yourself and your current, or future, child?

- Using a protective sleeve for your cellular phone is highly recommended. You may also want to consider using ear buds, preferably an air tube headset, to maintain a safer distance between your head and your cell phone. Keeping your cell phone out of your bedroom is important as well.

- Before couples even think about conceiving a child, men need to take precautions. There’s a special concern for men who tend to keep their cell phones in their pants pocket all the time. Various studies have determined a link between EMF radiation and infertility. Special underwear is available for men who insist on continuing to keep their cell phone in their pockets.

- Once that baby arrives, keep ALL wireless devices out of your child’s bedroom. There was a study done by High School students in North Jutland who grew cress seeds in trays and placed six in a room with Wi-Fi and six in a room without. After twelve days the seeds exposed to Wi-Fi were almost all dead. That means thinking twice about that baby monitor or finding a way to maintain a safe distance. Another option is a special baby blanket that can deflect wireless radiation from your baby’s body during sleep.

It is difficult and somewhat unrealistic to avoid contact with your iPhone and other Wi-Fi devices but there are more and more EMF deflecting products being developed to minimize exposure to such radiation.

Some people may need more proof before they go out and purchase any of these protective items and some don’t. Regardless of your stance, I would encourage you to ask yourself these questions while waiting for more studies to verify claims.

Do I continue to put my health, and my family’s health, in possible jeopardy until conclusive evidence exists?


Do I take simple precautions now to reduce any possible risk?

I urge you to take the time to continue to educate yourself and do your own research so you can make informed decisions to protect your family. In the meantime, please go here to see some of the products that will help keep you and your future loved ones safe.

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